Accommodation:Price *
VAA students and employees during the internshipFree of charge 
VAA for students and employees during vacations€ 4
For persons not working in VAA9 €
Bed linen and towels 4 € / one change

* Price per night per person in a common room, VAT included

This is a hostel, hostel type economy class accommodation. A bed is provided and shared with other guests of the hostel; however, it is possible to reserve an entire room. Amenities common to all guests: shower, toilet, kitchen, laundry, yard, gym and other amenities and benefits. The kitchen on the second floor has two refrigerators, two stoves, dishes, utensils, pots, pans, graters and other essentials. Barbecue facilities and free firewood are available in the courtyard.

Payment: by transfer or in Panemunė Castle.